Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How To Increase Exposure To Your Blog with Blog Carnivals

What Is a Blog Carnival?
A blog carnival is essentially a collection of blog posts that share a common theme.  These "ezines" come out on a regular basis: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annually. 

How Does It Work?

It takes a lot of people to create a successful carnival. 
  • First, an organizer creates the carnival by choosing a specific topic, selecting a date, finding bloggers to write articles on that topic, reviewing submissions, and promoting the carnival.
  • Then a host volunteers to host the carnival on his website.  Sometimes this is done by the organizer and other times rotates among frequent bloggers.  The host may also make comments in reference to the articles.
  • Bloggers submit article links (permalinks) to the organizer and advertise the upcoming carnival on their blog.
  • The audience gets access to a list of blog articles on a specific topic of interest.

How Much Does It Cost?

Blog carnivals are free to join.  Simply submit your article link to an appropriate carnival theme and enjoy a targeted audience.  By submitting articles to several different carnivals, you will increase your readership and allow interested readers to follow your blog.

How Do I Locate Blog Carnivals?

The easiest way is to conduct a Google search for "blog carnival".  Then narrow your list according to a theme you wish to write about.

Another way is to read a variety of blogs regarding your subject of interest and see if any of them are conducting blog carnivals.

You might even consider hosting one of your own blog carnivals and potentially increase traffic to your website.