Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Write a Profitable eBook

With the growing popularity of eReaders, eBooks are becoming more profitable than ever. 

  What should you write about? 
  1. Make a list of things you are passionate about. 
  2. Narrow down your list to 3 things that you are most knowledgeable about. 
  3. Finally, choose the subject that you're most excited about.  Passion is what sets apart a good book from an extraordinary one.
What format should I write use? 
The most common formats are ePub, HTML, and Word.

What software can I use to convert my eBook? 
Most of the epublishers listed below offer a free conversion tool which will convert most standard formats to ePub.  If these aren't suitable for you, try the free software offered by Open Office.

What ePublishers are available?

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing
Cost: FREE
Royalties: 35% (.99-$2.98)
                 70% ($2.99-$9.99)
                 35% ($10 or more) 
Formats: Word, HTML, MOBI, ePub, Plain Text, Rich Text Format, Adobe PDF
ISBN: Optional, not required
Royalties are paid automatically by electronic funds transfer (once earnings reach $10) or by check (once earnings reach $100) approximately 60 days following sale.
Barnes & Noble's Pubit!
Cost: FREE
Royalties: 40% (.99-$2.98)
                 65% ($2.99-$9.99)
                 40% ($10 or more)
Formats: ePub, Word, RTF, HTML, TXT
ISBN: Not required
Royalties are paid approximately 60 days post sale.

Cost: FREE
Royalties: 70% ($1.99-$12.99)
                 45% (all other price points)
Formats: ePub, Word, HTML, OPF, MOBI
ISBN: Required
Royalties paid monthly via electronic transfer of funds once earnings reach $100; otherwise, payment will be at least once every 6 months.

Cost: FREE
Royalties 90% (all price points)
Formats: ePub, Word, RTF
ISBN: Required-you can provide your own or receive one thru Lulu for FREE
Royalties paid monthly by Paypal (if over $5) or quarterly by check (if over $20).

Cost: FREE
Royalties: 60% from major ebook retailers or
                 85% from Smashwords
Format: Word
ISBN: Required-you can provide you own or receive one thru Smashwords for FREE
Royalties paid quarterly by check (if over $75) or Paypal (if over $10).

Apple's iBookstore
Cost: FREE
Royalties: 70% for all price points
Formats: ePub, Multi-Touch
ISBN: Required unless book is only being offered for free.
Payment of royalties varies by region.

How much should I charge?
While each book is different, it seems the current sweet spot is right around $2.99.

Don't forget to include the following:
  • Cover image - Be sure to catch your reader's attention!
  • Title page
  • Copyright/disclaimer
  • Introduction
  • Table of contents
  • Chapters/content
  • Conclusion
  • About the author
  • Index (optional, but helpful)
  • Glossary (may be helpful depending on the subject)
  • Promotional page (include contact information such as email or website)
Writing an eBook couldn't get any easier than this.  And just imagine how much you could earn in royalties!

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